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6 Things to Consider Before Finishing Your Basement

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(RE/MAX Blog)- Is this winter's bout of cabin fever got you dreaming of more space in your home? Do you find yourself fantasizing about a separate room where you can cloister the kids when it's too cold for them to play outside? Your solution may be right beneath your feet. Here are few things to keep in mind if you're considering refinishing your basement.

1. Water, water, anywhere?
Have a pro come in and investigate any evidence of water damage in your basement. You'll need to resolve any moisture issues before you begin remodeling.

2. Know the code
Before you design your dream basement, check the municipal code for any restrictions that may impact your project, such as the number of exits required or regulations about adding bathrooms and kitchens below the main floor of your home.

3. Kill the chill
Check with a contractor to find out if there are ways to adjust your home's current ventilation and heating configuration to efficiently heat your basement. Installing quality flooring can help with insulation.

4. Light up your (underground) life
Avoid creating a well-decorated dungeon by installing adequate lighting, especially if there are no windows.

5. The right steps
Don't skimp on the stairway. Carpeting on the stairs, bright lights and handrails make access safer and more inviting.

6. Turn down the volume
If you have plans for an entertainment center, consider installing sound insulation in the ceiling to help tone things down.


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