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Read our latest insights into the Greater Washington real estate market, including Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Our team of expert real estate professionals at RE/MAX Realty Group/100 have a finger on the pulse of the local market. Stay tuned for news and analysis on all the most important topics pertaining to real estate and home ownership in Maryland and Northern Virginia.




4 Steps to Launch the Home Buying Process

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(RE/MAX Blog)- You’ve decided you’re ready to buy your own home– now what? Start with these initial steps:

1. Get your financial ducks in a row.
Calculate how much money you have in savings and assets, your total annual income and your expenses. Know how much of it you can allocate toward a down payment and other expenses. Check your credit report and fix any errors. This will help you determine what type of loan you qualify for, and the price range of homes you want to look at.

2. Determine how much house you can afford.
A common rule is that your monthly mortgage payment should not exceed 28 percent of your pre-tax income. You can plug your information into an online mortgage calculator to get a starting idea of exactly how much you’ll pay each month with different interest rates and terms.

3. Find a real estate agent.
Interview several agents to find one that specializes in the communities you're interested in and has experience representing buyers with the type of home you’re looking for. 

4. Shop!
It’s important that you keep an open mind and look at a wide range of properties. Go to open houses. Cruise the Internet. Peruse different neighborhoods. Your agent will also help by finding properties that match as many of your "wants" and "needs" as possible. When you fall in love with a house and are ready to make it official, your agent can help you navigate the process from putting in an offer to the closing table.

Buying or selling a home? Contact us for assistance. 

RE/MAX 100 Leonardtown Grand Opening

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LEONARDTOWN, MD- The number one RE/MAX brokerage in Maryland and Northern Virginia will be celebrating a new office location in Southern Maryland. RE/MAX Realty Group/100 will be hosting a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 for their RE/MAX 100 office in Leonardtown. The office is the new facility for the previously recognized RE/MAX 100 Mechanicsville and is part of an overhaul of 6 RE/MAX 100 offices purchased by Broker Ken Crowley.

The RE/MAX 100 location is in the heart of historic Leonardtown and has a unique “steampunk” décor. Please join us for the celebration to meet local professionals in the real estate industry, enjoy light hors d'oeuvres, a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour the facility.

What: Grand Opening Celebration

When: Wednesday, September 6, 2017

4 PM-7 PM

Where: RE/MAX 100- Leonardtown

22845 Washington Street STE E

Leonardtown, MD 20650

Visuals: Ribbon cutting ceremony at 5 PM

For more information, contact Caitlin Gurda at or 301-921-2656.



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8 Money-Saving Tips for Landscaping

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(RE/MAX Blog) - A yard with a beautiful landscape is one of the few home investments with a value that increases over the years. Buyers love mature plants and trees, so giving your yard some love even if you're not planning on selling for a few years is a smart way to go. What's even smarter? Employing these money-saving tips:

1. Free mulch.
Many municipalities recycle the yard waste they pick up curbside throughout the year into mulch, which is then made available to residents for free or a very low price. Surrounding your shrubs and trees with a layer of the stuff not only makes them stand out visually, it also helps conserve moisture and stave off bugs.

2. Look to the list.
Craigslist's “farm and garden" section can be a treasure trove of outdoor planters, border stones and even “used" trees and shrubs. Check here first before heading to the nursery.

3. Go big with your neighbors.
Bedding plants are often less expensive when you buy them in bulk.

4. Compost.
Instead of buying bags of fertilizer, generate your own black gold for gardens by composting your kitchen waste. It's not as hard – or smelly – as you'd think.

5. Chat with a master.
Master gardeners often hold free Q&A sessions at garden centers or local libraries. Before investing in new plants, seeds or shrubs, check with an expert to find which options will thrive without expensive maintenance.

6. Rein it in.
Trim back any trees, shrubs or vines that hide or overwhelm your windows, porch or patio. Sometimes the most effective landscaping upgrade can come from removing greenery, not adding it.

7. Pull your weeds.
It's the outdoor equivalent of de-cluttering your home, an inexpensive way to boost your yard's visual appeal.

8. Powerwash fences and patios.
It can take years off your fence and patio in just minutes. You'll be amazed at how much brighter they'll look with just a bit of effort that requires little more skill than running a vacuum. Rent a machine at your local home improvement box store for about $30.

RE/MAX Realty Group/100 Hosts Grand Reopening for Revitalized RE/MAX 100 Springfield Location

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Springfield, VA- The recently renovated and revitalized offices of RE/MAX 100 in Springfield were celebrated this week with a ribbon cutting by Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross, Broker Ken Crowley, Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS Bob Adamson and other dignitaries. 

The renovations, which were completed in May, were part of a new 10 year contract signed recently by Crowley for the office located at 5501 Backlick Road in Springfield.

"The RE/MAX 100 office is virtually a local landmark but had started to show its age," said Crowley. "We have completely redone both the space and the infrastructure to make it a state of the art real estate office". New phones, computers, real estate software and client-friendly conference areas are all a part of the new look.

The RE/MAX 100 office and its renovation is part of an overhaul of the 6 RE/MAX 100 offices purchased by Crowley in 2015. The offices were previously owned by Denver-based RE/MAX, LLC, the international franchisor that sells more homes than any other real estate organization. He also owns two offices in Maryland that operate under the name RE/MAX Realty Group.

"We're really excited about this new office." said Matt Cockerham, the manager of the Springfield location who also participated in the ribbon cutting. "We have some of the best agents in the business, and they now have the best office to work from."

Also taking part in the ceremony were Trish Nicely, RE/MAX 100 Vice President, and Char Melvin, Director of Operations for RE/MAX Realty Group and 100, as well as some fifty invited guests.


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    5 Ways to Squash Winter Blues While It's Summer

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    (RE/MAX Blog)- Summertime is days away. The longer days and warmer weather will make it the perfect time to prepare your home for winter. Here are a few projects to do now to make your life easier when the cold weather arrives.

    1. Clean out the garage

    It’s far more pleasant to work in the garage in the summer, when you can have the door open without piling on layers of clothes. Carve out a parking space for your car now, and you won’t have to scrape ice off the windshield in December. Plus it’s the perfect time to hold a garage sale for any forgotten “treasures” you discover.

    2. Dodge the draft

    Have you been enjoying summer’s warm breezes – through cracks in your doors? Weather stripping and caulking are affordable ways to close the gaps and boost the efficiency of your heating system come wintertime.

    3. Keep your mind in the gutter

    At least for a while. Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home when they fill with ice in the winter. While the weather’s warm, grab a ladder, gloves and hose and clear them out. Not ready to trade pool time for gutter work? Hire a local service to do it for you.

    4. Find the deals

    The middle of the summer is a great time to find discounts on services you’ll need before the snow falls, like chimney sweeping and heating system checks. Shop around for the best deals and you could save a chunk of change.

    5. Check your water heater

    Yes, this can be done just as easily in the winter as the summer, but while you’re on a roll, why not flush your hot water heater? It takes just a few minutes and costs nothing. Sediment collects over time and reduces the machine’s efficiency. Simply flush the water through the drain valve into a bucket to clear out the particles.

    A little work this summer will increase your enjoyment of your home in winter, and also may retain its value.


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      8 Staging Tips for Small Outdoor Spaces

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      (RE/MAX Blog)- An attractive outdoor space, even if it’s just big enough to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or evening cocktail, can be a major selling point for potential buyers. Here are a few suggestions for maximizing your outdoor living space.

      1. Floor it.
      If you have a small outdoor area, it won’t break the bank to invest in higher quality tiles or stones. Snap-in deck tiles are another option for adding a touch of class.

      2. Envision clarity.
      When it comes to tables, go for glass-topped: It will help create the illusion of a larger space.

      4. Watch your back.
      Chairs and benches with more open backs don’t interrupt sight lines as much. They’ll keep your space feeling open, and looking larger.

      5. Focus.
      Creating a focal point in a small space adds visual interest. A simple piece of garden art, a small flowering tree or a tiny water feature in a corner can add style and distract buyers from focusing on square footage.

      6. Scale down.
      The world’s largest outdoor chaise lounge may be a napper’s dream, but it won’t do much to help your patio or deck. Choose outdoor furniture scaled to set off your space, not smother it. You can even find fire pits in smaller sizes.

      7. Get vertical.
      Wall gardens help add green without sacrificing space. Wall art made from succulent plants is another low-maintenance option for adding foliage, and drawing attention to the edges of your space, which helps visually enlarge it.

      8. Don’t hide the grill.
      A clean barbecue can help buyers imagine their own outdoor meals. Unless you have a grill or smoker large enough to hold the entire pig, or if your grill is in disrepair, keep it out.

      Looking for a home with a nice backyard where you can gather with family and friends? Start your search today. 

      Finding Time for Fun in Real Estate

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      (RE/MAX Blog)- When you hire a real estate agent to help buy or sell a home, they can help free up time you would otherwise spend on sorting through listings, scheduling showings, or trying to figure out paperwork. You might even have time to focus on the fun parts of moving, such as:

      1. Building a Pinterest board of décor inspiration

      Don't have a particular design style in mind? No problem. Check out the RE/MAX Pinterest page for ideas.

      2. Clearing out the clutter with a yard sale

      Remember, each thing you sell is one less thing you'll have to pack – and unpack. Here are some top yard sale tips.

      3. Planning your housewarming party

      You'll want to show off the new place – especially after you've made it Pinterest perfect. Put together a Facebook event and start thinking about party favors to thank friends who helped you move in.

      4. Bargain shopping for furniture

      There are plenty of options for you to furnish your new nest without breaking the bank. Here are six places to find furniture within your budget.

      Looking for a new home? Start your search today.

      One in Every Eight RE/MAX Realty Group/100 Agents Named Top Producers

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      GAITHERSBURG, MD– There was no shortage of RE/MAX Realty Group/100 real estate agents in the RE/MAX, LLC Top Producers report released in May 2017. The report, which contained a list of the top 100 producing individual agents and team leaders for the month of April and year to date, named fifty-seven agents with RE/MAX Realty Group/100 top producers. That is one out of every eight agents with the real estate brokerage. In addition, RE/MAX Realty Group/100 agents Lisa Plushnick and David Baxter, Sr. were both awarded the number one spot for the month of April in their respective categories.

      Plushnick, who is an agent at the RE/MAX Realty Group Crown office, was named the overall number one individual top producer and the number one top producer in residential real estate for April 2017 in Maryland. Plushnick has over eleven years of experience in the real estate industry. Her professionalism, dedication and knowledge have resulted in outstanding reviews. She is highly recommended by former clients and is recognized for her expertise in the real estate market, exceptional negotiation skills, responsiveness, and a polished and charming communication style.

      David Baxter, Sr., who is an agent at the RE/MAX 100 Columbia office, was ranked the number one individual top producer in commercial real estate for April 2017 in Maryland and the number two individual top producer for commercial real estate in Maryland for the year to date. Baxter, Sr. has over 15 years of experience and is also recognized by his clients for his professionalism, dedication, negotiation skills, excellent customer service and knowledge of the real estate industry.  He specializes in the sale, purchase and leasing of industrial, office and retail properties and vacant land in the Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan area. 

      Additionally, RE/MAX Realty Group/100 agents Kara Hurley, Klaus Breitsameter, Suzanne Ward, Connie Fitzgerald, Philip Kelley and Wendy Slaughter were ranked in the top 25 producers in Maryland for the month of April in their corresponding categories. Klaus Breitsameter, Lisa Wills, Connie Fitzgerald, Wendy Slaughter, Andrew Werner, Jr., Richard Prigal and Mary Chambers were ranked in the top 25 producers in their corresponding categories for the year to date in Maryland. In Virginia, RE/MAX 100- Springfield agent Donald Wilkes ranked at number two for top individual producer in commercial real estate for the year to date.

      RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 is a locally owned and operated full-service real estate brokerage with offices located throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia. It is the seventh largest brokerage in the greater Washington area and one of 120 largest brokerages in the United States. The brokerage has over 400 Realtors® and specializes in Residential and Commercial real estate. RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 is a proud supporter of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® and other charities.