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Halloween Decorations: 5 Reminders to Be a Good Neighbor

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(RE/MAX Blog)- Halloween decorations can be a fantastic way to express your creativity, but don't forget common sense. A few reminders to keep the peace with neighbors:

1. Decorations can be scary for kids

Remember, on Halloween night and during the weeks leading up to the fun, young children will see your decorations. Skip the carnivorous bunny rabbits and too-realistic skeletons.

2. Be mindful with volume (and song selection)

Be respectful if you play scary music on Halloween night or use display motion-activated decorations with soundtracks. Trick-or-treaters in the next county do not need to hear “Monster Mash" on repeat. And your neighbors certainly don't want to hear it past midnight, at the latest.

3. Check the HOA policy on Halloween decorations

Before you invest in constructing the best zombie apocalypse your neighborhood has ever witnessed, make sure your HOA doesn't have any restrictions around decorations, lights or sound effects.

4. Choose family-friendly themes

Have fun but don't offend the neighbors. Avoid things like fake tombstones with real politicians' names or decorations featuring religious icons.

5. The witching hour ends at midnight

Please try to take down Halloween decorations shortly after the holiday. Don't despair, it will soon be time for winter holidays.

Start your search today for a home with a porch that's perfect for trick-or-treat


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Showing Your Home? Here are 6 Tips to Keep It Tidy

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(RE/MAX Blog)- Keeping your home looking like a furniture showroom for long stretches isn't easy. Here are a few tips to keep your house ready for showings while you're still living in it.

1. Attack the clutter
As you prepare your home for showing, start with a major decluttering. Throw out, recycle or give away things you don't use. Getting rid of junk will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers and free up space for you to neatly store things when it's time to tidy up for a showing.

2. Rent storage space
Keeping things neat is easier when you have less things. An off-site storage unit can help (and you can keep it as messy as you like).

3. Start packing
Packing most of your dishes and large baking and cooking items frees up cabinet space that you can use to stash items you use on a regular basis. It also gives you a head start on packing for your move.

4. Rope off a room – or two
If you can, temporarily rope off rooms or areas from the kids, pets or spouses to contain your mess in a smaller space while your house is listed. But remember to make those rooms look nice, too, before the showing!

5. Buy hiding spots
The home sections of discount stores are filled with attractive fabric boxes and fashionable bins that can simultaneously hide junk and match your décor.

6. If all else fails, stash it under the bed
Invest in a couple of under-the-bed bins that you can use to store everything from socks to kids' toys in when faced with a last-minute showing.

Begin the home selling process today with the number one RE/MAX brokerage in Maryland and Northern Virginia. 

6 Places to Find Furniture You Didn't Think to Look

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(RE/MAX Blog)- Is the cost of furniture causing to you to debate if a kitchen table is a “want” or a “need”? Don’t worry! There are plenty of options for you to furnish your nest without breaking the bank. Here are some good places to start:

1. Check with Craig the 24-hour garage sale where you never need to worry about parking! Not just for used items, many furniture warehouses use the site to move merchandise. Search by style, like “modern” or “shabby chic,” or by brand, such as “IKEA” or “Pottery Barn.” Don’t forget to compare prices on the original sale site to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

2. Give fleas a chance
If you’re patient (and lucky) you can find all sorts of treasures at flea market. Many feature vendors who focus on refurbished pieces, providing a unique way to go green.

3. Antique stores
Just because an item is an antique doesn’t mean it’s not functional. Many stores pride themselves on refurbishing old appliances and vintage pieces for everyday use, so you’re not buying a sofa that’s too fancy to actually sit on. You’ll also discover that the term “antique” is used loosely. A vintage looking chair from 2005 may be hidden among furniture from the 1970s.

4. Estate sales
You can score amazing deals when an owner needs to clear out an entire house. Arrive early and don’t hesitate to haggle.

5. Help clear the floor
Have a favorite furniture or home décor store that’s a bit over your budget? Ask if they ever sell floor models for a reduced price.

6. Online options and offer free shipping on purchases over $50. Both have a wide assortment of styles and price ranges on everything from headboards for your kid to cushion beds for your dog.

Wherever you shop, try to avoid the temptation to buy poor quality furniture that may end up costing you more in the long run. That sofa on super-closeout-clearance? It may seem like a steal, but if the material wears out quickly and the style isn’t timeless, you may find yourself on the market for another couch sooner than you would like.

Local Real Estate Professionals Gather at RE/MAX Realty Group & RE/MAX 100 Real Estate Team Summit

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD- Nearly two hundred real estate professionals gathered together at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center on Thursday, October 20, 2016 for the RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 Real Estate Team Summit.

The Summit, which took place from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, addressed how to build the right team with the right agents, the strengths of the team model, how to increase transactions and so much more. Attendees registered for the event included real estate agents, sponsors and locals looking to begin their career in the real estate industry.

Presenters included Real Estate Recruiting Coach and Speaker, Judy LaDeur; the number one RE/MAX Residential Team Leader in the U.S., Marti Hampton; and Mount Pleasant Magazine’s voted best Realtor and Real Estate Team, Caleb Pearson.  RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 Broker/Owner Ken Crowley also presented to attendees before serving as the moderator of a panel discussion with Marti Hampton, Caleb Pearson and The Prigal Brothers and Associates, the top team with RE/MAX Realty Group in Gaithersburg.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our first Real Estate Team Summit,” said Broker/Owner Ken Crowley. “It was truly a success. Our goal was to host an incredible event filled with beneficial information for agents in the community. As a Broker/Owner, agent success is a priority and I truly believe we reached our goal.”

RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 is the seventh largest real estate company in the Washington Metropolitan area, the number one brokerage in Maryland and Northern Virginia, and one of 120 largest brokerages in the United States.

What to Expect When You're Inspecting

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(RE/MAX Blog)- A home inspection can be a nerve-racking part of the home-buying process – but it is also a vital step. Here are a few things an inspector may find that could add to the cost of a home – or save you from buying a lemon altogether.

1. Lurking charges

Even though a home's electrical system may seem to function adequately, inspections can reveal safety issues. This frequently happens with old wiring that's corroded or outdated, or with new wiring that was improperly installed.

2. A failing grade

Poor grading, or a slope that drains water toward your house instead of away from it, can cause all kinds of problems such as flooded crawl spaces or basements, rotting walls and framing, and mold and foundation damage.

3. Trouble on top

Roofing materials don't last forever, and inspectors often find problems with aging materials that will soon cause problems. The scale of necessary repairs can range from needing to replace a few shingles to needing an entirely new roof.

4. Mold

Especially in humid regions, mold can sprout anywhere moisture collects, like attics, basements and drywall around leaky pipes. If the inspector finds mold, a separate mold inspection may be required.

5. Foundation flaws

As a home settles over the years, the foundation can shift. Symptoms include cracks in the drywall, uneven floors, and doors and windows that won't shut. While home inspectors can identify basic foundation issues, if they see something that seems structurally suspicious, they'll often recommend you call a foundation engineer to assess the situation.

6. Not going with the flow

Inspectors often find clogged or bent gutters, or gutters that channel water too close to the house, where it can cause damage.

4 Ways Having an Agent Beats Selling Solo

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(RE/MAX Blog)- James Johnson has been trying to sell his Colorado ghost town – a café, motel, gas station and two homes (just $350,000!) – for months without success. And it's not just because it's in the middle of nowhere that the property isn't selling. While offloading your sofa or lawnmower on your own doesn't take a lot of sales skill, working with a professional real estate agent is one of the best ways to make the most money in the shortest time when selling your home – or ghost town. Here are the top reasons why.

1. An agent may increase your profit
Many people think they'll make more money if they avoid paying an agent a commission and instead handle their own home sale, but the statistics show otherwise. According to the National Association of Realtors, selling with an agent brings in a higher profit, enough to cover the commission and then some. For one thing, a Realtor has the experience and tools to price your home appropriately. Studies show that homes priced correctly when they first hit the market sell faster, and for a better price, than those that linger with a decreasing price tag.

2. An agent can save you time
While it may take just moments to upload a Craigslist ad, handling prospective buyers, inspectors and appraisers can suck up your time. From screening out unqualified buyers to helping you prepare your home for inspections, agents drive the process more efficiently.

3. An agent often makes a better deal
You might be proud of your poker face, but are you really a savvy enough negotiator to put one of the biggest deals of your life on the line? As most buyers use a buyers' agent, you'll probably be going toe-to-toe with a professional negotiator. When you list your house through an agent, you not only get their marketing power and connections, you get a pro negotiator advocating for you during the initial offer, the counter offer and the post-offer period, which includes inspections and requests for concessions.

4. An agent can lower your risk
The potential for making mistakes (with potential legal ramifications) among the reams of paperwork involved in a home sale is huge. Agents know how to do things exactly right.

Thinking of selling your home and moving to Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C.? Start the search for your new home.


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    Nearly 200 Expected to Attend Real Estate Team Summit

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    MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD- RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100, the number one brokerage in Maryland and Northern Virginia, is hosting a Real Estate Team Summit for agents in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The event, which has already attracted nearly two-hundred professionals in the real estate industry, will address topics such as how to build a successful real estate team and how to make an already existing team more successful.

    Team Summit presenters will include some of the most prestigious and successful professionals in the industry such as Real Estate Recruiting Coach and Speaker, Judy LaDeur; number one RE/MAX Realty Residential Team Leader in the United States, Marti Hampton; and Caleb Pearson, Mount Pleasant Magazine's voted best Realtor and Real Estate Team.

    Event: Real Estate Team Summit

    Date: Thursday, October 20, 2016

    Time: 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM

    Where: College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

    3501 University Blvd E · Hyattsville, MD 20783

    All agents are invited to attend this free event and may register at Eventbrite, regardless of affiliation. Lunch will be provided.

    RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 have been in business for over 30 years and have the reputation of providing quality service to customers and a quality experience to their realtors by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.



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      5 Tips for a Safer Backyard

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      (RE/MAX Blog)- Every year in the U.S., more than 50,000 kids are rushed to the emergency room for home playground equipment-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. To keep kids safe, remember the following tips when it comes to creating and maintaining play space in your yard.

      1. Soften the fall
      If you have a play set in your yard, consider upgrading the ground around and below it, as kids will inevitably be landing on it from a tall height or at high speeds. About 60 percent of all playground injuries are caused by falls to the ground, and a more shock-absorbent surface can reduce the risk of serious injury. Consider sand, wood chips, pea gravel or shredded rubber.

      2. Keep a safety zone
      If you install equipment like swings or a trampoline, be sure to place them a safe distance from fences, trees or your house in case kids accidentally (or not!) launch themselves in that direction.

      3. Go with a pro
      While it's great to have friends or family members offer to help assemble and secure your backyard play equipment, it can pay to invest in professional installation. This will help ensure the fort doesn't collapse during your kid's birthday party or the jungle gym doesn't go sailing the next time the wind kicks up.

      4. Inspect your equipment regularly
      Standing up against the weather – and kids – can take its toll, even on the highest quality play equipment. Check the hardware and wood to make sure bolts and screws remain secure and rot (or splinter-causing flaking) doesn't begin.

      5. Beware of lawn treatments
      Know what's in any lawn treatment to make sure it's safe for kids and pets to roll around in.

      Wondering how much value your backyard adds to your home's potential sale price? Begin the process to finding out what your home is worth.


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      Get Rid of Clutter with These 7 Yard Sale Tips

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      (RE/MAX Blog)- Busting clutter is almost always the first recommendation from professional stagers. Why not have a yard sale to clear out the things you no longer use while earning some cash for your move? Follow these tips to help things go smoothly and maximize your profits.

      1. Get the online word out
      List your sale on the "Garage Sale" section of Craigslist and on any neighborhood Facebook page groups. Include photos of your more interesting items to attract shoppers.

      2. Sign up
      Hit the dollar store for some neon poster board and thick markers. Then make big, legible signs to post at intersections near your home.

      3. The more the merrier
      Ask neighbors and friends if they want to sell their things too. Everybody has things they need to get rid of. People are more likely to stop and shop if they see a variety of items for sale.

      4. Sell drinks
      Enlist your cute kid (or your neighbor's) to learn about economics with a lemonade or coffee stand. A hot or cold drink for a few cents can help lure people to stop and shop while they sip.

      5. Plug in
      If you're selling appliances, have access to an outlet or an extension cord so people can test them out. Make sure to have some batteries on hand so shoppers can see if battery-operated items work as well.

      6. Make it easy to find prices
      The bigger the item, the bigger the price tag. Don't make shoppers hunt around for tiny stickers on your couch or lawn mower.

      7. Prep for checkout
      Have lots of change and small bills on hand, as well as plastic bags shoppers can
      use to carry home their new treasures.

      Selling your home? Click here to find more tips for home sellers.


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        RE/MAX Realty Group & RE/MAX 100 Agents in the Circle of Legends

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        The Prigal Brothers and Associates, the top team at RE/MAX Realty Group in Gaithersburg, Maryland, were welcomed into the RE/MAX Network’s most exclusive group known as the RE/MAX Circle of Legends in August 2016. 

        Entrance to the prestigious group is truly an accomplishment, with just 388 out of 100,000 RE/MAX agents worldwide are in the circle. Just two other Realty Group agents and one RE/MAX 100 agent have received this honor from the RE/MAX Network in the past. 

        Take a look at our full list of RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 Agents who have been admitted to the RE/MAX Circle of Legends to find out who. 


        RE/MAX Realty Group & RE/MAX 100 Agents in the RE/MAX Circle of Legends


        First Name

        Last Name





        RE/MAX 100- Columbia




        RE/MAX Realty Group- Gaithersburg




        RE/MAX Realty Group- Gaithersburg




        RE/MAX Realty Group- Gaithersburg



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