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Real Estate Agents Assist Clients in Multiple Languages

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Buying a home is a big investment. In fact, it is the biggest investment many of us will make in our lifetime. Having a real estate agent who can understand what you want in a home is essential. This means your agent is probably asking you various questions and listening very closely to your every word. 

Having an agent who speaks your language and is able to fully understand what you are trying to express can play a crucial role when searching for a home you will love.

Many of our agents have the ability to help clients like you in multiple languages, crushing any communication barriers there may be. Languages spoken by our agents other than English include Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Italian and Spanish.

Look below for a full list of agents with RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 who have been and continue to help clients in more than one language.

Name Language(s)
Gabrielle Agostinelli Portuguese
Rita Ahuja Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
Behy Baharloo Farsi
Sim Bains Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Dan Bouchard French
Klaus Breitsameter German
Michelle Camaioni Spanish
Belinda Caron Spanish
Bobbie Chahal Hindi
James Chung Korean
Doug Crowley French
Chris Dorrick German
Roxanne Draheim German, Farsi
Sherry Eini Farsi
Carlos Espinoza Spanish
Mel Golden Turkish
Mike Goldman Spanish
Nancy Hodges Italian
Marie Jozwik Spanish
Eugene Kovin Russian
Shun Lu Chinese
Clairette Mafouomene French
Del Neugass Tagalog
Ana Lucia Porter Spanish
Mandy Rehm Cantonese, Mandarin
Roger Rojas Spanish
Leo Rozenblat Russian
Aissa Sires French
Hardeep Sran Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Nawal Tahri-Joutey French, Arabic
Cindy Wang Chinese
Cecilia Wett ASL



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