Jim Jeppi

Salesperson | Concetta Corriere RE/MAX 100 - Columbia

RE/MAX 100 - Columbia

5575 Sterrett Place
Columbia, MD 21044

Email Website Phone: 410-730-6100

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About Jim

Jim Jeppi is a true matchmaker. A thorough knowledge of the real estate market and a knack for finding the right matches for his buyer and seller clients have made him a success.

Jim has been a licensed Realtor since 1986. He has worked in the new home industry, helping hundreds of people make their dreams come true.

In 2001, Jim expanded his realtor services to include resale. He joined RE/MAX 100, recognized for its top-producing, experienced and competent agents. As a life-long resident of the Baltimore Metropolitan area, a graduate of the University of Maryland, and a former Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Jim has a reputation for being honest and dependable. These are just a few of the reasons his sister, Concetta Corriere, the #1 Maryland RE/MAX Realtor, chose Jim to partner with her.

Concetta and Jim immediately became a winning combination, as well as the most recommended names in the real estate industry. Hundreds of clients have benefited from Jim’s knowledge of the real estate industry.  Knowing what is happening in the industry, and why, is critical to providing successful real estate services. Jim has the up-to-date significant market information that translates into real value for you.