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6 Decisions to Make Before Your Home Search

(RE/MAX Blog)- In the market for a new home but have no idea where to start? There are several decisions you should begin to make before you even start your home search. By asking yourself the right questions, you can quickly pinpoint what you want – and can afford – in your next home.

1. What's your budget? See how your finances stand up to the 28/36 rule, which lenders use to see what you can afford to pay each month. A financial adviser or your real estate agent also can help you crunch the numbers. Going through the mortgage pre-approval process lets you know how much lenders will allow you to borrow – plus it helps you show sellers that you have the funds to backup your offer.

2. What do you need in your new home? How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you need? What about a large kitchen, a home office or a playroom for the kids? How many cars need covered parking? It's critically important to ensure the home you select meets your family and lifestyle needs.

3. Do you want a condo or single-family home? Condos come with much less maintenance. You typically won't be shoveling snow in the winter or replacing the roof, but you'll likely pay monthly association fees to cover services and repairs in the community. Houses, on the other hand, come with more privacy and freedom to customize. They also come with full responsibility for maintenance.

4. How do you feel about living under covenants? Depending on where you buy, you may have to pay homeowner association (HOA) fees in addition to your mortgage. There are benefits to HOAs, such as maintenance, community centers, and maybe even a pool or gym. But you also could be faced with more restrictive rules about the look of the outside of your home, down to the color of your front door, types of window coverings, and whether you can plant flowers in your yard.

5. What school district do you want to be near? Even if you don't have children in the house, local schools will affect your property value. Prospective homebuyers tend to search with education in mind. Do your research on the schools in the areas you'd like to live in.

6. Should the home be move-in ready? Ask yourself how much elbow grease you're willing to put into a home – or how much you'll pay someone else to do the work. Fixer-upper homes can be great after the work is done, but you'll want to figure out your renovation budget before you start your home search. A203k home-renovation loan might be the right resource for you. If you're not ready for the extra financial commitment of rehabbing a home, or you can't or don't want to wait for remodeling projects to finish up, then a home that's move-in ready might be right for you.

After considering all these factors, you'll be ready to start the home search with a clearer picture of where you're headed. 

Top 5 Home Maintenance Tips

(RE/MAX Blog)- Trying to save money? Home maintenance is so much more affordable than emergency repairs. Here are five routine maintenance projects that can help prevent unexpected costs and save you money year round.

1. Clear out gutters

Water from clogged gutters can overflow and leak into your home. Heavy, ice-packed gutters can tear away from your house in the winter. Grab a ladder, gloves and hose and clear them out while the weather is still warm.

2. Re-caulk windows

Drafty windows and doors can suck money right out of your budget from high energy bills. Check the caulk and weatherproofing strips around doors and windows to make sure they're not dried and crumbling. If they are, they're easy (and cheap) to replace.

3. Clean the fireplaces

Have your chimney professionally inspected and potentially cleaned annually to prevent creosote, a flammable byproduct of wood burning, from building up. It can create a fire hazard and elevate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Before each use, make sure your damper closes tightly and clear remaining ashes from the bottom of your fireplace.

4. Check your filters

Clogged furnace and air conditioning filters not only make your HVAC system less efficient, they also can spread unhealthy pollutants and allergies in your home. Dark and mucky filters should be replaced. You don't even need tools.

5. Flush the water heater

Neglected water heaters have a way of getting back at you when you least expect it (and that way is usually soggy and expensive.) Clear out sediment particles that collect over time by regularly flushing out water through the drain valve.

Looking for your own home you can maintain with tender-loving care? Start your search today!

Drastically Improve Your Home With These DIY Projects

(RE/MAX Blog)- Looking for some dramatic home improvement inspiration? Here are a few suggestions for projects that won't break the bank or steal more than a weekend or two.

1. Make an entrance

The entrance to your home is a focal point and a few simple changes can leverage its impact. Sand and repaint your front door or invest in a brand new one. Add some bling with new address numbers, knobs, doorbells or knockers. Frame the door with planters to help complete the picture.

2. Class up your cabinets

You don't need to buy new cabinets to give your kitchen a new look. Add a fresh coat of paint, or try out new cabinet hardware (buy knobs and pulls that are the same size as the ones you have to save installation time) for details that give the upgrade an added level of elegance.

3. Make a splash

You don't need to be a pro to install a new kitchen backsplash. Many home stores offer quick classes, or you can cruise YouTube for "how-to" videos. Customize your kitchen with ceiling tiles, glass or ceramic tiles, wood or stainless steel.

4. Crown yourself

Crown molding around your walls is a simple addition that can add a ton of character. If you don't have woodworking tools, don't panic. Home improvement stores can cut strips of molding to your measurements.

5. Look to the little things

You'll be surprised at how much of a difference swapping out old switch plates, outlet covers and doorknobs can make.

Do your ambitions extend beyond a few small projects? Maybe you'd like to tackle an entire fixer-upper. Start your search for one today.

We'll give you the key to your dream home!

We'll give you the key to your dream home!

We have eight office locations in the greater Washington area and over 420 real estate agents to assist you with all your real estate needs. 

Nosotros le daremos la llave de la casa de sus sueños. Tenemos ocho oficinas localizadas in el área de Washington y más de 420 agentes de propiedades inmuebles que le puede ayudar.

13 Agents and Teams from RE/MAX Realty Group 100 Named Top Producers by Washingtonian Magazine

GAITHERSBURG, MD- Washingtonian Magazine named 13 agents and teams from RE/MAX Realty Group 100 as Top Producers in the magazine’s July 2017 issue. The eight individual agents and five teams, part of the combined RE/MAX Realty Group and RE/MAX 100 brokerage, were honored for being among the REALTORS with the highest sales volume in the Washington Metro area.

Real Estate Agents Melissa Bernstein, Klaus Breitsameter, Shari Hodges, Ava Kennedy, Lisa Plushnick, Melissa Raffa, John Wang and Kathy Xu were ranked as Top Producing individual agents. The Carol Schantz Team, Phil Kelley Team, Herbert Riggs, Andy Werner Team, and the Prigal Brothers were among the Top Producing teams.

“Our agents are experienced, knowledgeable and the hardest working professionals in the real estate industry,” said Ken Crowley, Owner of RE/MAX Realty Group/100. “The dedication they have for their careers and clients is unmatched. This recognition is truly well-deserved.”

Bernstein, who was among the list of Top Producing agents, was also named one of Washington’s Best Agents by the Washingtonian Magazine for her market knowledge, integrity, communication skills, closing preparations and more. Bernstein, who has over 10 years of experience as a premier real estate agent and a real estate attorney, has a perfect five star rating on Zillow and is highly recommended in all her client reviews.

The agents and teams honored were from RE/MAX Realty Group 100’s offices in Gaithersburg, North Potomac, MD and Springfield, VA. The brokerage also operates four offices in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s, and Howard counties in Maryland which were not considered part of the DC Metro area by the magazine.

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